A return with dignity, an opportunity back home


Why do migrants return to their country of origin? What might this decision entail? How does IOM support voluntary returnees? The video “A return with dignity, an opportunity back home” explains these and other aspects all around the topic of Assisted Voluntary Return and Reintegration in an easily understandable manner. Click here to see the video.

I am a Migrant

You are connected to every person on the planet through just six other people. This is the principle of 6 degrees of separation.

With their consent and active participation, IOM conducts a needs assessment with trafficking survivors to see how the Organization can best ensure their safety while helping them towards social and economic self-sufficiency.

Humanitarian Admission Programme II

IOM provides Cultural Orientation trainings for Syrian refugees who have been selected within the Austrian Humanitarian Admission Programme. These trainings are intended to better prepare the refugees for their arrival and their future life in Austria.

Additionally, IOM organizes the travel of the refugees from their first country of asylum (e.g. Jordan, Lebanon or Turkey) to Austria.

Please find additional information on the Humanitarian Admission Program and on the Cultural Orientation trainings here.

Reintegration support

Mr. N. was homeless in Austria when he decided to return to Afghanistan.
After returning home, he decided to start a sheep farm. It turned out to be a good choice; he is now satisfied with his income, which is enough to support his family.
Mr. N. said that he was very happy to be back with his family and was pleased that his financial troubles had been eased by the reintegration support.

Detailed information on this project is available here.


During Cultural Orientation Trainings in the frame of the project CulTrain, young refugees are provided with general knowledge about Austria and its people.
Contents are taught in multiple ways, but a focus is laid on a playful knowledge transfer.
Inter alia participants are invited to re-construct Austria via a puzzle showing Austrian provinces.

Detailed information is available on the CulTrain Project Page.

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This website will provide you with comprehensive information about the International Organization for Migration (IOM) in a worldwide, European and Austrian context.

Since 1952, when Austria joined IOM as one of its first Member States, IOM has worked to assist migrants and promote adequate responses to migration issues, bearing in mind the well-being of migrants and the interests of states and their societies.

The IOM office in Austria has undergone a number of changes over the years including its status as a Mission with Regional Functions (1997-2005) as well as its function as a Special Liaison Mission (2008-2011). IOM in Austria currently consists of two offices, the IOM Country Office for Austria and the IOM Regional Office for South-Eastern Europe, Eastern Europa and Central Asia.

Information provided unter Activities and Team refer to the Country Office for Austria.

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