ADMin4ALL - Integration in municipalities, Phase 2

Supporting active inclusion of disadvantaged migrants in Europe
through development and testing of local centres for social and economic integration

Project outline

The main objective of this international project is to increase the capabilities of municipalities and local administrations of the participating countries (Austria, Greece, Italy (Lead), Malta, Poland, Romania and Spain) in dealing with migrants.

In addition to the activities of Admin4All phase I, such as trainings and networking, new measures should also be offered and comprise "Train the Trainer" workshops, so that the obtained content can be passed on independently within the cities and municipalities. Monitoring and evaluation tools will be developed to measure the effectiveness of support services from cities and municipalities provided to refugees.

Based on findings in Phase I, the objectives for Phase II were formulated as follows:

  • Capacity-building in the integration work within the cities and municipalities
  • Increased cooperation between the different levels involved in the integration of refugees
  • Strengthened inter-/national exchange between cities and municipalities

Cooperation mechanisms will be supported by an increased exchange of experience and best practices through peer visits, regional consultations and international networking.

A short description of the project can be downloaded here.



1 June 2018 – 19 April 2021



Maria-Alexandra Bassermann

+43 (0) 1 585 33 22 28


This project is funded by the European Union.