Trainings for identifying trafficked persons

and acquiring intercultural competences in the Austrian asylum procedure

The increased number of asylum claims in recent years – especially in 2015 – have placed a considerable burden on the Austrian asylum system. In this context, the Asyl-Train project offered capacity building in the areas of identifying trafficked persons and acquiring intercultural competences.

The project aimed to sensitize asylum relevant stakeholders about the topic of human trafficking in order to enable them to identify trafficked persons more quickly as well as to improve their intercultural competences so as to shape their interactions with asylum seekers in a more culturally sensitive and efficient manner. The project built on the experiences from the IBEMA project (Identification of trafficked persons in asylum procedure) and on the needs assessment trainings on intercultural competences that were conducted with Austrian asylum officials in 2016. The project offered thematic trainings in both areas for the following target groups:

  • Employees of the Federal Office for Immigration and Asylum
  • Judges of the Federal Administrative Court
  • Employees of the company ORS Service GmbH (responsible for care in federal reception facilities)
  • Legal counsellors from institutions commissioned by the Federal Ministry of the Interior
  • Employees of the Federal Ministry for the Interior
  • Mobile social workers from Caritas and Diakonie

In the frame of the project a total of 37 trainings for 525 persons was held in all Austrian provinces. The trainings were held together with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), the Federal Office of Criminal Investigation, the NGO LEFÖ-IBF (Intervention agency for women concerned by trafficking in persons), the Men’s Health Center (MEN), the child crisis center “Drehscheibe” (“Hub”) of the Municipality of Vienna, the legal expert Ines Rössl as well as the Intercultural Center (IZ).

The project was implemented by two units of IOM Austria (Integration and Counter Trafficking).

Duration: 1 January 2017 to 31 December 2019



Short project description

Booklet human trafficking (in German)

Booklet intercultural competences (in German)


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Contact persons:

Katie Klaffenböck:
+43 1 585 33 22 46


This project is co-financed by the European Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund and the Austrian Federal Ministry of the Interior.