CARE: Coordinated Approach for the Reintegration of Victims of Trafficking

Duration: 2 September 2013 to 29 February 2016

The project aims to provide flexible and tailored assistance helping returning trafficked persons from Austria, France, Portugal, Spain and the UK to resettle and become again active members of their home communities. More specifically, the project implements a coordinated and integrated approach for the delivery of pre-departure, post-arrival and reintegration assistance for VoTs. This includes a comprehensive support (including among others socio-economic reintegration assistance, psychosocial support, temporary housing, etc.) based on each beneficiary's individual needs, allowing them to go through the transition period as smoothly as possible, reducing the risk of being re-trafficked.

The project will assist up to 130 trafficked persons, including 10 minors. The project is open for non-EU nationals who return to a country outside of the European Union.

Project activities
Delivery of harmonized information on the reintegration alternatives available through the project by:

  • the organization of information meetings dedicated to service providers and NGOs involved in the assistance to trafficked persons as well as organizations in charge of operating assisted voluntary return programmes;
  • the dissemination of a leaflet dedicated to service providers working with trafficked persons. NGOs and service providers will act as "multipliers" and will thus ensure a widespread dissemination of the information to potential beneficiaries.

Provision of flexible and tailored assistance to returning trafficked persons. The project adopts a victim-centered approach whereby each beneficiary will receive individual assistance according to his/her specific condition and recovery needs.

  • Before departure a needs and risks assessment will be performed. A reintegration plan will be drafted by IOM in close coordination with the service providers and the beneficiaries themselves. Attention will be paid to assess skills and motivations of the returnees before departure as well as to define concrete and reliable opportunities through direct contacts with peers or IOM in the country of return.
  • Post arrival assistance might include, if requested by the beneficiary: reception at the airport, safe accommodation, medical/psychosocial check-up and secondary transportation to final destination. Tailored reintegration assistance will also be provided on a needs-basis and can cover for example medical care, temporary housing, child care, psychosocial support, income-generating projects, trainings, etc.
  • Each reintegration plan will be monitored for 12 months after the return by IOM with the support of an individual monitoring plan agreed upon with the beneficiary.
  • A specific attention will be dedicated to trafficked minors for whom the return has been identified as the best option during the best interest determination process. Before departure, in close coordination with the guardian and with the minor him/herself, IOM will proceed with family tracing, risks and needs assessment, counselling, identification of reintegration options (such as training opportunities). As recommended by UNICEF, return will be coordinated well in advance with all stakeholders involved both in the EU host country and in the country of return. Return will take place only when a family reunification may take place or when an appropriate organization has been identified to provide immediate protection and care upon arrival. The guardian or, if not available, an IOM staff will accompany the minor all along the travel.

Project leaflet
Flyer for potential beneficiaries

Report on Enhancing the Safety and Sustainability of the Return and Reintegration of Victims of Trafficking

Katie Klaffenböck
+43 1 585 33 22 46

Ministry of Foreign Affairs (France)
Foreign and Commonwealth Office (United Kingdom)
Federal Ministry of the Interior (Austria)
Criminal Intelligence Service (Austria)
Commission for Gender Equality (Portugal)
Office of the General Prosecutor (Spain)