Coordination of the Return and Reintegration Assistance for Voluntary Returnees to Moldova

Duration: 15.12.2005 to 31.01.2010

IOM Vienna is implementing the project "Coordination of Return and Reintegration Assistance for Voluntary Returnees to Moldova".  The project aims at the sustainable return and reintegration of voluntary returning Moldovan citizens, who have the status of

  • asylum seekers
  • refugees or
  • a refoulement protection in Austria

It comprised

  • The compilation of a bimonthly newsletter about the possibilities offered by the project and the situation in Moldova 
  • The provision of questionnaires for targeted counselling 
  • Processing of individual queries, especially for vulnerable cases
  • The organisation of the return
  • An installation grant (EUR 300. - per person)

Particular consideration will be paid to the case-management-approach, especially in the case of vulnerable persons such as unaccompanied minors, elderly, women, ethnic minorities and medical cases. In Moldova, IOM Chisinau together with national and local project partners (e.g. National Employment Agency with its regional offices, micro credit institutions.) is implementing the reintegration measures. The available reintegration measures consist of:

  • Language and computer courses
  • Support for studies (e.g. university fees, school fees etc.)
  • Vocational training
  • Job placement in private and public institutions
  • Small business start-up, business training, etc. 

A further crucial element is the extension of the assistance measures to the local community in order to diminish possible tensions between needy people from the community and the returnees and at the same time to have a general positive effect on the development of the community.

Following its successful implementation until December 2007, the prolongation of the project was selected for funding until January 2009.

This project was funded by the European Refugee Fund (ERF), The Austrian Ministry of Interior and the Austrian Development Agency. The project was available to all return counselling centres in Austria (provincial refugee offices and NGOs).