iYouth: Models for Integration and Prevention of Exclusion: Empowering Migrant Youth

iYouth project was implemented from July 2011 to December 2012 in the project countries Austria, Belgium, Czechia, Finland, France and Poland.

The project's aim was to empower migrant youth organizations to facilitate integration and strengthen prevention of exclusion of fellow young migrants. Through peer reviews of policies and practices in iYouth partner countries, the project developed new integration models for migrant youth work.

These models served as basis for training materials which was delivered through an online training platform and capacity building workshops for (migrant) youth organizations. The project also emphasized the importance of raising awareness on migrant youth organizations' work and aimed to increase networking among various integration and youth work stakeholders on local, national and EU-levels.

The iYouth project set out to empower migrant youth organizations as integration facilitators through three main activities:

  • Component I. Development of models and training materials on integration and prevention of exclusion
  • Component II. Capacity-building of migrant youth organizations
  • Component III. Awareness raising and Dissemination of results

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Katharina Benedetter
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This project was co-funded by the State Secretariate for Integration of the Austrian Ministry of the Interior.