Living FREE of Violence

IOM is a partner of the campaign Living FREE of Violence

Domestic violence can contribute to human trafficking, as many trafficked persons have already experienced situations of violence before being trafficked. IOM supports the campaign Living FREE of Violence in order to break this chain of violence.

The campaign Living FREE of Violence, which is coordinated by the Federal Ministry of Education and Women’s Affairs and the Autonomous Austria Women’s Shelters in cooperation with the Austrian National Youth Council and the Vienna Intervention Center against Violence in the Family, aims to undertake prevention work in many areas of society for 2014 and 2015 and to increase the visibility of the women’s helpline against violence (0800 222 555).

A number of large projects will be organized through Living FREE of Violence, ranging from the sensitization of the health care sector, to the long-term networking of various institutions in order to devise a safety plan for individuals in high-risk situations, to media work and the development of standards for adequate reporting on violence against women and children. In addition, emphasis will be placed on work with children and adolescents in order to start violence prevention at the beginning, and networks with migrant (self) organizations will be expanded so as to remove barriers to assistance and rights.

Further information about the campaign can be found here.