Ongoing projects

Assisted Voluntary Return and Reintegration

Migrants who are unable or unwilling to stay in Austria but lack the means to return to their countries of origin can be assisted in their voluntary return.

In the framework of the “General Humanitarian Return Programme”, IOM Austria offers logistical assistance for the voluntary return of migrants in cooperation with non-governmental organizations and public authorities.

In addition, IOM Austria implements a number of projects offering reintegration measures in the returnees’ countries of origin. Assistance has been provided in Afghanistan, Georgia, Moldova, Nigeria, Pakistan, the Russian Federation/the Chechen Republic and UNSC resolution 1244-administered Kosovo as well as to trafficked persons and unaccompanied minors. Upon request, IOM Austria also provides country of origin information in order to assist migrants in making an informed decision on whether to return.

More information on voluntary return can be provided by return counselling organizations working in Austria.


Lina A. returned to the Chechen Republic in the Russian Federation by mid 2016. Within the scope of the project "RESTART" *, she received 20 beehives for the sale of honey.

„For me it was essential to return home to my mother and my relatives in the Chechen Republic. Unfortunately, I did not have the necessary means to do so. Therefore I very much appreciate the support of my return counselor, IOM and the team of VESTA for their attentive and humane attitude to the problems of returnees.“




Thanks to the project "RESTART" *, Imran Z. has been able to earn a living from buffalo milk production after his return to Pakistan.

„The project has been of great support to me, even though in summer it is difficult to find the right fodder for the buffalos. My father also supports me and I am able to make some savings.“





Thanks to the project "RESTART" *, Navid O. was able to invest in a grocery business after his return to Afghanistan.

„I was lucky: With the support of the project I was able to enter a profitable business partnership. Now I earn enough to cover the expenses of my family.”






* The project “RESTART” was implemented by IOM from 01.07.2015 to 31.12.2016 and co-financed by the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF) of the European Union and the Austrian Federal Ministry of the Interior.



Detailed information on ongoing projects is available below:

► RESTART II - Reintegration Assistance for Voluntary Returnees to Afghanistan and the Islamic Republic of Iran

FamA – Family Assessment of unaccompanied migrant children wishing to voluntarily return to their country of origin