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Research and Migration Law in Austria

Migration research is conducted in various institutions in Austria, such as universities, research centres, international organizations and non-governmental organizations. Research activities in other thematic areas also exist, which are related to migration or overlap it.

According to a report by the Commission for Migration and Integration Research of the Austrian Academy of Sciences, over 3,000 research projects were published between 2000 and 2010 on the topic of migration. This includes over 1,000 articles in books, roughly 800 academic theses (incl. graduate theses) and 600 academic journal articles. The overall trend is increasing.

The most common topic in migration research in recent years has been migration law; asylum law has been of particular interest. In addition, research is being conducted in the areas of settlement and residence law, employment law and citizenship law. Research on the influence of European law on Austrian legislation is a further area of activity. The focus of these research activities is mainly the interpretation of legal texts as well as their compatibility with human rights and international law standards.

Austrian migration law is to a large extent shaped by international legal requirements and European law. The European Convention on Human Rights and the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union are relevant for the human rights standards of Austrian migration law. In the area of asylum, the Geneva Convention relating to the Status of Refugees holds a central role. The concrete formulation of migration law in Austria is mainly characterized by EU regulations and directives which seek to harmonize legislation among EU Member States. These legal instruments regulate competences for asylum applications, the reception of asylum seekers, the asylum procedure and the granting of international protection. They also cover questions regarding family reunification and the immigration of students, researchers and highly qualified individuals, as well as short term visas and mobility rights within the EU, in addition to other things.

Researchers in Austria have several opportunities to present their work at conferences. Some examples are the Annual Conference on Migration and Integration Research in Austria, organized by the University of Vienna and the Austrian Academy of Sciences. The Dialogforum organized by the Department for Migration and Globalization of the Danube University Krems is another important conference. In addition, Austrian migration researchers attend a number of international meetings and conferences where they present their work.

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