Research and Migration Law

Migration research is the scientific analysis of migration flows, in other words, movements of persons or groups of persons either across an international border or within a State. Migration research involves various disciplines, including sociology, human geography, cultural and social anthropology, history, economics, and law; migration research is thus often referred to as an interdisciplinary field of work. Especially with the progress of globalization, migration research has come to play an increasingly prominent role in recent decades, among other things as a basis for policy decisions. It can be assumed that migration research will become even more relevant in future.

IOM’s approach

IOM conducts research that is designed to guide and inform migration policy and practice. The organization provides a unique space for consultation between researchers and policymakers. Research results are disseminated through numerous publications worldwide. IOM’s global research activities focus on a variety of issues related to migration management, including migration trends and data, international migration law, migration and development, remittances to countries of origin, health and migration, counter-trafficking, labour migration, irregular migration, integration and return migration.

Within migration research, the IOM Country Office for Austria focuses on supporting policymakers in the development and implementation of migration policies and practices. Accordingly, the expertise of the IOM Country Office for Austria comprises Austrian and international migration law in addition to other relevant disciplines. The research work of the IOM Country Office for Austria is aimed at contributing to an improved understanding of migration issues, fostering social and economic development through migration, and at protecting the dignity and well-being of migrants.


The Research and Migration Law Unit
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