Awareness-Raising and Training Sessions on Identifying Trafficked Persons

Duration: 1 February 2015 to 31 December 2018

Human trafficking is a hidden crime that affects men, women and children. However, persons who have experienced exploitation often go unidentified and do not receive the assistance they need and to which they are entitled. Proper identification of trafficked persons is thus a prerequisite for the provision of protection.

The project “Awareness-Raising and Training Sessions on Identifying Trafficked Persons (TIP-Train)” aimed to increase Austrian stakeholders’ understanding of human trafficking and their ability to identify trafficked persons. The project offered flexible training sessions on human trafficking to all Austrian actors who were interested in learning more about the topic and wished to increase their relevant know-how. Each informational and training session was tailored to the needs of the respective trainees. As a result, proper identification, referral and protection of trafficked persons in Austria could be increased.

In the course of the project, trainings were held for employees of the Caritas, the Diakonie, Verein Menschenrechte Österreich as well as the STD Ambulatorium of the City of Vienna.


For further information please contact:

Katie Klaffenböck, M.A.


+43 1 585 33 22 46