Project WIR

In March 2018, the IOM Country Office for Austria launched the project “WIR”, which aimed at supporting adolescents and young adults with Chechen roots in developing their identity and integrating in Austria, with the overarching goal to prevent radicalization of young Chechens.

The pilot project "WIR: Workshops for Integration and the Prevention of Radicalization" was implemented from March 2018 to March 2019 in close cooperation with the association Großes Schiff and other actors in the field of youth work with two groups of boys and young men in Linz and in Vienna.

The second phase of the project built on the results of the pilot initiative and placed a special focus on girls and young women from the Chechen community – according to the needs articulated by the community.

After three years of implementation, there is still a need to strengthen the resilience of young people from the Chechen community. Based on the experience gained so far, we aim at expanding the target group to include young people from other migrant communities to strengthen their resilience, too. In doing so, they are all supported in participating in society while mutual understanding and encounters are promoted. These actions will contribute to achieve the overarching goal.

WIR III: "Workshops on Integration and Encounters"

Since January 2021, the IOM Country Office for Austria has been implementing the third phase of the WIR project.

Within this phase, girls and young women are continuously addressed, and a safe space is provided where they can, in the frame of workshops, learn to reflect on their identities and on participating in society as well as to acquire media competencies. In this space, the girls learn that their opinions matter, and they are empowered to voice their ideas and concerns, for example by producing media products. Young people from different communities are provided the opportunity to meet, exchange thoughts and experiences and to reflect together on their multiple identities. For this purpose, committed people from the communities will be trained to act as role models and conduct the workshops in co-teaching teams. At the same time, relevant stakeholders will have the opportunity to contribute to the process and to share their own work in the field.

In workshop series, knowledge will be shared about the country of origin and Austria as well as media competences and social skills in the areas of intercultural communication and conflict management will be trained. In doing so, the space for reflection and exchange is the framework in which learning takes place.

Key facts:

  • Participating cities: Vienna and Graz
  • Duration: 1 January 2021– 31 December 2021


  • Amplification and continuation of the already established "Stakeholder Group"
  • Selection and training of intercultural mediators who can independently present ideas and activities to their community and remain as contact persons for both the community and other stakeholders within society (bridging function)
  • Cooperation with youth work practitioners
  • Conduction of a series of workshops in co-coaching teams including specially trained intercultural mediators
  • Selection of young “multipliers” (mainly former project participants) to conduct mini-workshops in schools
  • Development of individual media products within the workshops
  • Public closing events in which beneficiaries present their results from the workshop series

The project summary is available for download.

You can find all short films that were produced within previous project phases so far on the IOM YouTube Channel, as well as on DorfTV and OktoTV by clicking on the following links:

In addition, you can view the recording of the closing event 2020 on Okto TV, where participants share how they benefited from the project (in German).


For further information please contact:                                                                                               

Ondine Delavelle, 01/585 33 22-14, odelavelle@iom.int

Marlit Schardt, 01/585 33 22-19, mschardt@iom.int

Instagram: wir_projekt 


This project is funded by the Federal Chancellery of the Republic of Austria and is being implemented by the International Organization for Migration (IOM).