Capacity building trainings for the integration of migrants

Duration: as required upon request

An increased number of asylum applications during the last years – with more than 89.000 asylum applications in 2015 – evidently strains the Austrian asylum system, including the asylum authorities in their task to process the asylum applications or the  municipalities concerned with providing refugees an appropriate accommodation and any other institution responsible for integration work with refugees and migrants.

Dealing with such a large number of newly arrived refugees involves various challenges, such as how to communicate with people from different cultural backgrounds in order to avoid misunderstandings. Due to these challenges and as a response to the demand for capacity building in these areas, IOM Austria has implemented trainings for actors in the field of asylum, who are involved in refugee work or the integration of migrants, in order to strengthen them through the imparting of intercultural competences.

The objective of the project is to enable Austrian actors to let their interactions with asylum seekers and migrants become more culturally sensitive and therefore more efficient. The trainings are highly flexible and can be adapted with regard to the participant’s needs, their background and their expectations.

Please find more details in the Project description INT-Train.

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