In 2003 the IOM Country Office for Austria was designated by the Austrian Federal Ministry of the Interior as the National Contact Point Austria in the EMN (AT EMN NCP). Since then the IOM Country Office for Austria has been ensuring the implementation of EMN activities in Austria in accordance with the EMN Work Programme, and works with the Federal Ministry of the Interior in meeting its responsibilities as AT EMN NCP.

The EMN is a Europe-wide network consisting of National Contact Points that provide information on migration and asylum. The EMN was set up in 2003 by the European Commission on behalf of the European Council in order to satisfy the need for a regular exchange of reliable information at European level on migration and asylum-related issues. Council Decision 2008/381/EC has formed the legal basis for the EMN since 2008. The network consists of the European Commission, a Steering Board, a service provider and National Contact Points of the EU Member States and Norway.

The objective of the EMN is to meet the information needs of European Union institutions and of Member States’ authorities and institutions on migration and asylum, by providing up-to-date, objective, reliable and comparable information, with a view to supporting EU policymaking in these areas as well as to providing the general public with information on these subjects. To achieve these objectives, the EMN has the following responsibilities:

  • collect and exchange up-to-date and reliable data and information from a wide range of sources;
  • analyse the data and information and provide it in a readily accessible format;
  • in collaboration with other relevant EU bodies, support the development of indicators and criteria towards improving the consistency of information and developing Union activities related to migration statistics;
  • produce and publish periodic reports on the migration and asylum situation in the European Union and the Member States;
  • create and maintain an internet-based information exchange system which provides access to relevant documents and publications related to the issue of migration and asylum;
  • raise awareness of the EMN’s work, by providing access to the information it gathers and by disseminating its research output, except where such information is of a confidential nature;
  • coordinate information and cooperate with other relevant European and international bodies.

For more information on the EMN please see the EMN Information Leaflet and visit:


IOM Austria, National Contact Point Austria in the European Migration Network

+43 (0)1 585 33 22