WIR I: Workshops for integration and the prevention of radicalization

Between 1 March 2018 and 28 February 2019, the IOM Country Office for Austria implemented the pilot project “WIR: Workshops for integration and the prevention of radicalization”. The project aimed to support and guide adolescents and young adults with Chechen roots to reflect on their identity in their multicultural setting within Austrian society. Different workshops addressed the history and current state of affairs in both The Chechen Republic of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Austria and increased beneficiaries’ media literacy and social skills in intercultural communication and conflict management. The overarching objective was to prevent radicalization. The pilot project was implemented in strong cooperation with the association Großes Schiff.

Key facts

  • Participating cities: Vienna and Linz
  • Duration: 1 March 2018 – 28 February 2019


  • Formation of a "Stakeholder Group" for determining content and methods and establishing a monitoring mechanism in Vienna and Linz
  • Selection and training of "intercultural mediators" to conduct the workshops in the co-teaching team
  • Cooperation with youth work practitioners (association “Großes Schiff”)
  • Conduction of the workshop series (one series of five workshops per participating city)
  • Conduction of an outdoor event for team building in each participating city
  • Public closing event in which beneficiaries present their results from the workshop series

The project summary is available for download.

In the framework of the project, youngsters in Vienna and Linz have produced a talk show entitled “Not about us without us - young Chechen women in Austria explain the facts” as well as short films in which they share insights and personal experiences. In the short films Mansur and Hamzat talk about what acceptance means to them, their future plans and why they want to make a difference.


Ondine Delavelle


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This project was funded by the Federal Ministry for Europe, Integration and Foreign Affairs.