Migration and development are highly interdependent processes. International migration in the development context relates both to people who have chosen to move of their own accord, and forced migrants who can ultimately end up contributing to both their country of resettlement and possibly their country of origin if it is ever safe to return.  Development, meanwhile, is a dynamic process implying growth, advancement, empowerment and progress, with the goal of increasing human capabilities, enlarging the scope of human choices, and creating a safe and secure environment where citizens can live with dignity and equality. In the development process, it is important that people’s productivity, creativity and choices are broadened, and that opportunities are created. Maximizing the positive relationship between migration and development has long been a focus of IOM’s work.

IOM’s Approach

The objective of IOM’s migration and development program is to contribute to a better understanding of the links between international migration and development in order to harness the development potential of migration for the benefit of both, societies and migrants, and to contribute to sustainable development and poverty reduction.

IOM’s approach addresses the root causes of migration by providing interventions in areas vulnerable to high rates of economically motivated migration. In regions that have been recently affected by armed conflict, the organization works to provide return-friendly environments for displaced persons, to create employment through income-generating activities and to harness the resources of the diaspora for socio-economic development. IOM also promotes the view that migration, if properly managed, can contribute to poverty alleviation and the growth and prosperity not only of individuals but also of both countries of origin and destination. IOM also takes into account the opportunities and challenges that this presents for migration and development activities, and presents a gender-specific focus for all remittance projects.

To achieve these multi-faceted goals, IOM engages in many types of migration and development-related activities. Its approach addresses the different levels of migration and development, focusing on economic and community development, skills transfer and remittances.


Ongoing Projects

The IOM Country Office for Austria considers activities in the area of liaison and awareness-raising concerning migration and development as vital tasks. Therefore, constant exchange with relevant stakeholder in the project landscape is considered as highly important. The IOM Country Office thus is a member of the national working group on migration and development, which consists of development organizations, diaspora associations and migration organizations. 

Currently there are no projects implemented by the IOM Country Office for Austria in the area of migration and development.

Completed Project

Detailed information on the completed project MIDWEB is available below:

MIDWEB: Migration for Development in the Western Balkans


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