Paving the Way for the Creation of Skills Mobility Partnerships in Austria

Duration: 1 May 2023 – 30 November 2023

The shortage of qualified workers in Austria is at an all-time high, which significantly threatens Austria's economic performance. The measures to reduce the shortage of skilled workers are manifold and primarily focus on mobilizing and up-skilling the national and EU work force. At the same time, several models and concepts linking skills development and migration in the context of international (non-EU) partnerships have been developed globally.

In 2019, IOM introduced the model of Skills Mobility Partnerships (SMPs). SMPs describe cooperation agreements or arrangements between states that promote skills development and skills-based mobility for the benefit of all stakeholders involved. They vary in terms of form, modality, and degree of stakeholder involvement but share the core element of skills development. To ensure successful and sustainable implementation of SMPs, an evidence-based foundation and a multi-stakeholder approach is required.


The project aims to contribute to the development of sustainable skills mobility schemes in Austria, ensuring mutual benefits to all parties involved. The main output of the project is the publication of a study which assesses the feasibility of SMPs in Austria. Furthermore, a Skills Mobility Expert Group is established, consisting of national and international experts tasked to provide key inputs at critical junctions throughout the process.

Further Information

IOM Feasibility Study: Skills Mobility Partnerships in Austria (in German)

EMN-OECD INFORM: Skills Mobility Partnerships: Exploring Innovative Approaches to Labour Migration

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EU Commission: Attracting skills and talent to the EU

SMP Dialogue Forum Results (in German)

Skills Mobility Partnerships: Recommendations and Guidance for Policymakers and Practitioners


Alexander Spiegelfeld
International Organization for Migration (IOM)
Country Office for Austria
Nibelungengasse 13/4
1010 Vienna

Tel: +43 1 585 33 22 10


The project is being implemented with the kind support of the ERSTE Foundation, the Federation of Austrian Industries and the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber.

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